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Welcome to our Free English Listening audio/MP3 lessons section. Right now we have three new Zapp! English audio courses all based on listening to Real English Conversations. These are Zapp! English Vocabulary & Pronunciation, Zapp! English Colloquial and Zapp! English Listening. These listening lessons are perfect for levels B1, B2 & C1 – but all English levels will learn a lot from them.

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Download Our English Listening Transcripts

English Listening Transcripts / Scripts

Most of the English Listening audio on this website is free. It takes us a long time to produce this, and we have lots of costs to pay. We therefore sell the written scripts (transcripts) that go with each listening class separately. They cost as little as €0.32 per e-book.

You will find the audio lessons very useful on their own, but if you like them and would like to support us – so that we can develop more ‘Real English’ listening materials – it really helps us if our students buy our listening e-Books. Please visit our shop to read more.