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Many of our members ask us for 'bundle offers' and specials. So we want to make this special package deal available to you to get our entire Zapp! English Intermediate Super Pack at a very special discount.

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Get the Zapp! Listening, Zapp! Colloquial AND Zapp! Vocabulary & Pronunciation level 2 packs, PLUS our five incredible BONUSES: 'Zapp! Your Pronunciation' (guaranteed to improve your English pronunciation) AND 'Phrasal verbs - Sexy Not Scary' AND 'Words for Work' PLUS two more special bonus downloads...

We want to give you ALL of these Premium English Learning Materials, worth over €64 euros if purchased separately, for a ONE-Time-Payment of only 30 €!


Why Are We Making You this Incredible Offer?

The Zapp! English products at each level are designed to work most effectively when used together. In this way each element reinforces the others - meaning you move more of the words into your long term memory, have greater understanding of the listening texts and get repeated exposure to, and practice of natural pronunciation.

Learning a language is like painting a wall – one coat isn't enough to get the best colour! With several 'coats' your knowledge and skills won't fade.

That's Why We're Making this Special Offer to You Today...

To make sure you get the greatest possible benefits from the materials we've spent years working on, and jump ahead to an advanced level of English as quickly as possible.

Here's What Our Students Are Saying About Zapp! English

Maria José Zapp! English review Madrid

I've really improved my vocabulary and pronunciation. This method is super enjoyable and what I like most is the context of the conversations. I bought the material and it's fantastic, I've learnt a lot. Thanks very much Katie, Mark and Tom!"

Maria José, Teacher - Colmenar Viejo, Madrid, Spain

Tomasz Poland review of Zapp! English Intermediate Level 2

I really LOVE your products. They are PROFESSIONAL, very good quality, inspiring, fun, motivating and entertaining. They are extremely well done! I have seen (or buy) about 200 hours of various courses (mp3 format), but so far yours are the most convincing to me!"

Tomasz, Manager - Poland

Gaby Zapp! English Whole System Review

It's better than other courses available on the market - in fact there's nothing similar available at all. I like it because it's really effective and simple to use."

Gaby - WDFG, Barcelona

Noelia Zapp! English Whole System Review London

After spending years in academies and schools, I discovered this learning method which is far from conventional, but definitely much more effective. The improvement I'm now experiencing in my listening I owe to these audio classes. It's worth investing a few euros in your future!"

Noelia, Beauty Works West, London, United Kingdom

Rafael, Zapp! English recommendation, Spain

I've spent years following everything published for learning English and I've never known anything so thoroughly well-crafted and so effective. You certainly notice the difference compared to other materials. Using your eBooks & podcasts your professionalism and years of experience is clear. They provide the perfect balance between highly educational materials and full exposure to REAL conversational English. Thank you."

Rafael G, Anaesthesiologist - Spain

Isabel, Zapp! English recommendation, Spain

It's fantastic to be able to listen to native speakers talking at their natural rythm, with all their fillers and broken sentences, just like anyone in the street, and without a script destroying the spontaneity of the conversation."

Isabel - Spain


This Is What You Will Get:

That's a total of 24 hours of Real English audio and more than 1000 pages of eBooks & transcripts you get to keep forever for only €30 Euros!

Don't Forget Our Unbeatable 1 Year Guarantee:

If you're not convinced you've learnt anything from our materials, we'll refund your money after a year. It's as simple as that. So...

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