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This Intermediate Zapp! English Vocabulary for Work download includes real conversations with native English speakers, class/studio time with an experienced teacher, PLUS almost 4 hours of audio, and 10 eBooks containing full transcripts of the audio, English Vocabulary and additional practice exercises.


Tom, Mark, Katie y Amanda - Zapp! English Intermediate Vocabulary for Work teachers

From: Tom & Katie at

Improving your vocabulary is probably the most important thing you can do to become a better English speaker. Think about it – what is language apart from words?

Improving your English vocabulary will instantly unlock more conversations both in terms of understanding what other people say, and having the words to express your own opinion.

How Will Zapp! English Vocabulary for Work Help YOU?

In Zapp! English Vocabulary for Work, you'll not only develop your English listening skills with natural conversations, but your English will also improve in the following ways:


Isabel, Zapp! English Vocabulary for Work review

It's fantastic to be able to listen to native speakers talking at their natural rhythm, with all their fillers and broken sentences, just like anyone in the street, and without a script destroying the spontaneity of the conversation."

- Spain Zapp! English Vocabulary for Work
Rating: 5/5

Thank you very much! Keep working hard, your way of learning english is very addictive and useful!"

Mario, Almadén, Spain

A thousand thanks for helping us to learn in a clear and fun way. I've told everyone I know about you, and everyone at my school. I really like it when Katie makes us repeat the words, and when I can see them written to know how to pronounce them. Thank you."

Alicia, Miami Beach, United States

Your materials are really helping me a lot. I really wanted to find a website as good as yours. Thank you."

Teresa, Paterna, Spain

What does Zapp! English Vocabulary for Work contain?

This vocabulary pack contains 10 audio classes with almost 4 hours of audio (MP3 files) and 10 e-Books (PDF files). Each listening class contains real English conversations, and comes with its own e-book which includes a complete transcript of the audio, and additional practice exercises & answers.

The ten classes are about the following topics:

  • 2.1 Looking for a Job
  • 2.2 Describing Work Situations
  • 2.3 Work Tasks and Responsibilities
  • 2.4 Job Interviews
  • 2.5 Work - Pay and Conditions
  • 2.6 Work - Culture and Connections
  • 2.7 English Telephone Skills
  • 2.8 Meetings
  • 2.9 People, Companies and Departments
  • 2.10 Phrasal Verbs for Work

All the work/employment words and phrases you'll learn are presented in natural conversations and then clearly reviewed in the studio sections, so you'll improve your pronunciation, and sound better and more natural when you talk about Jobs & Work in English.

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Zapp! English Vocabulary for Work - 2.9 - People, Companies, Departments [Download Audio/MP3]


Who is this Zapp! English pack for?

We created this vocabulary pack after receiving lots of requests from our students. Zapp! English for Work is perfect for you if...

Eva, Zapp! English review of Vocabulary for Work, Spain

For me this is a perfect method, because it's not based on the usual formal English classes, and you're learning by listening to colloquial English, spoken by people discussing everyday topics in a natural way."

- Vodafone, Spain Zapp! English Vocabulary for Work
Rating: 5/5

Is this English level suitable for me?

Cambridge English Logo

As a guide, this material is designed for Intermediate learners (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages B1), but students above and below that level will learn lots of new English from it, and we've created the tasks to help make this happen.

IELTS English Logo

We have selected vocabulary at Level 2 to help you work effectively towards the Cambridge First Certificate in English (FCE) and IELTS exam (International English Language Testing System).

It's almost impossible to find English materials that use real, natural, conversations. So, students of all levels will find the classes challenging at first – because they're new and different.

The most important thing you can do to improve your English whatever your level is to listen to English at every opportunity.

If you are below Intermediate English level – don't panic. We have designed tasks that will help you to focus on the overall meaning of what the recording is about.

If you are above Intermediate level, don't worry, you will still learn lots of new English words and expressions! Natural conversations contain many expressions that you just won't find in standard materials.

Nuria, Zapp! English Vocabulary for Work review, Spain

Finally I've found an English learning method based on listening, the part that's always been most difficult for me. It's really good, practical and lots of fun! A million thanks!"

Nuria, Iberia - Barcelona, Spain

Alvaro Zapp! English Vocabulary for Work review

The audio classes are very well structured, and the dialogues are natural - the audio classes include a variety of fun topics with a sense of humour. I recommend it without reservation."

Álvaro, Lawyer, Madrid


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Rafael, Zapp! English Vocabulary for Work Review, Spain

I've spent years following everything published for learning English and I've never known anything so thoroughly well-crafted and so effective. You certainly notice the difference compared to other materials. Using your eBooks & podcasts your professionalism and years of experience is clear. They provide the perfect balance between highly educational materials and full exposure to REAL conversational English. Thank you."

Rafael G, Anaesthesiologist - Spain

Wishing you the best of luck with your English,

Katie, Tom y Mark

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