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The reason we're doing this is because we want you to make progress with your English, and as teachers we believe very much in the importance of cultivating a long term relationship with our students. We may not be able to build this relationship face-to-face in a classroom but we can by email!

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The Zapp! English Welcome Pack contains SIX FREE eBooks and SIX listening/audio files with a total of 1 hour of English audio lessons. Here's what you get in your Welcome Pack download:

Thank you very much! Keep working hard, your way of learning english is very addictive and useful!"

Mario, Almadén, Spain

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Your materials are really helping me a lot. I really wanted to find a website as good as yours. Thank you."

Teresa, Paterna, Spain

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I love it, it's exactly what I was looking for... I hope you make a lot more podcasts!"

Javi, Granada, Spain

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Katie, Tom, Mark & Amanda

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