Zapp! English Vocabulary & Pronunciation 3.21 – Movies & Cinema

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Zapp! English Vocabulary & Pronunciation 3.21 – Movies & Cinema

Zapp! English Vocabulary & Pronunciation 3.21 - Movies & CinemaPass the popcorn!“… When most people have watched a movie, whether they love it or hate it, they like to tell people about it. After this unit you’ll be better at doing this, through learning English words describing reactions to movies and words for parts of films and the people involved in making them. There’s also lots of good English listening practice, as you hear Stuart and Alec answering movie related questions.

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8 thoughts on “Zapp! English Vocabulary & Pronunciation 3.21 – Movies & Cinema”

  1. Hi,
    Thank you so much for these Audio episodes. I really like them. I’m currently studying English in Australia and I enjoy doing that a lot. My English level is getting better and better but the problem is that I need more academic English to help me fulfill the English requirements to get to the faculty. Could you please give me some advice to help me out more. I’ve already taken the Ielts test and I have got 7.5 for speaking, 7 for listening and 5.5 for reading and writing. I really need some kind of advice to push me up further to achieve band 8 or more. I want to be like native speakers. I feel that it is not impossible at all.

    • Hi Obaid, thanks for your comment, I have forwarded this to Katie for her to reply to as she’s definitely the expert in this area.


  2. Hi Obaid,

    First, thanks for your comments. We’re always so pleased to hear that people are enjoying our materials. Second – congratulations on your IELTS scores so far. Those are really good! Especially the speaking and listening 🙂 I really do think that our materials will help you so keep on doing what you’re doing. Also, it would be a good idea to concentrate on words that are high frequency for IELTS. Have you heard of the academic word list? If you search Google for this you will find a list and quite a few sites with exercises. This list contains the most frequent and useful words for IELTS. My advice would be to study the list – learning 8-10 words at one time. Get yourself a notebook and as you learn a word, record each one on a separate page alphabetically. Then after that, each time you find this word again, write down the whole sentence the word is in. Try to find as many examples as you can. The more often you see a word in different context, the deeper it will go into your memory and the better your understanding of how to use the word. Zapp products contain a lot of these words so keep your ears open for them 😉 Hopefully at some point soon, we may start work on some IELTS related materials. Anyway, that’s all for now, but I’ll post some more ideas here later. Good luck. Keep going, with those scores you are obviously doing a lot right! 🙂

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