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This audio course is based on real English conversations, and in total contains over 60 hours of audio conversations & lessons.

Click the links below to download English podcasts on this website – each link will take you to a section of our website where you can download the audio podcasts for free.

English Vocabulary Podcasts – Intermediate
English Vocabulary Podcasts – Advanced
English Listening Podcasts – Intermediate
English Listening Podcasts – Advanced
Colloquial English Podcasts – Intermediate
Colloquial English Podcasts – Advanced
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Download the Written Podcast Transcripts (pdf e-books)

Each English podcast audio comes with an accompanying pdf e-book which contains: transcripts of the conversations, vocabulary lists & explanations, and exercises based on the real conversations.

Download English Audio Course in MP3

There are three course packs: Zapp! English Vocabulary & Pronunciation, Zapp! English Colloquial and Zapp! English Listening.

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We also publish our English podcasts audio free in iTunes

To download our audio, you have two options: You can download the individual podcasts from the pages on this website, OR you can use a free program like iTunes to download your Zapp! English podcasts automatically for you. We recommend iTunesDownload and install iTunes FREE.

To automatically download each new Zapp! English Podcast as soon as it is published, just click on the icon below in the iTunes column (for each podcast channel that you’re interested in), then click “View in iTunes” then “Subscribe Free”.

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Zapp! English Vocabulary & pronunciation podcastZapp! Vocabulary & Pronunciation Podcast
Learn loads of new, topical English vocabulary and make incredible progress with your pronunciation
Zapp English Vocabulary & pronunciation podcastZapp! English Vocabulary & pronunciation Podcast RSS Feed
Zapp! English Colloquial podcast audio/mp3 ebooksZapp! English Colloquial Podcast
Learn to understand & use hundreds of cool, everyday colloquial English expressions, practice and improve your pronunciation.
Zapp! English Colloquial - podcast audio mp3 ebooksZapp! English Colloquial Podcast RSS Feed
Zapp! English Listening podcastZapp! English Listening Podcast
Learn to understand real, unscripted English conversations & movies, learn new colloquial expressions and vocabulary.
Zapp English Listening podcastZapp! English Listening Podcast RSS Feed

More Podcast Resources

If you would like to find out more about podcasting, and how you can download podcasts to help you learn English, please follow some of the links below.

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