Zapp! English Listening 3.28 – Holidays (Vacations)

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Zapp! English Listening 3.28 – Holidays / vacations

In this unit, you’ll hear people talking about things related to holidays (USA: vacations). You’ll hear descriptions of family trips, of ideal holidays and the kind of holidays people hate. You’ll practise following a conversation with multiple speakers as well as following narratives. A lot of this unit was rather appropriately recorded at the beach with the sounds of holidays in the background!


Real English conversations contained in this listening

Holidays (Vacations) - Zapp! English Listening 3.28
Time off...

Here are some details on the different people, conversations and accents contained in this Real English Listening:

  • A 2 person conversation about holiday likes and dislikes.
  • A longer conversation involving 4 speakers with a variety of accents describing vacation experiences.
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