Zapp! English Colloquial 2.4 – Friends & Family

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Zapp! English Colloquial 2.4 – Friends & Family

Download eBooks: Zapp! English Colloquial 2.4 - Friends & FamilyWho is your best friend? Who is man’s best friend and what does that mean? Hear people talking about these informal expressions and more in this colloquial English podcast describing friends, family and relationships. You’ll hear descriptions of ways to talk about the people in your life and have the opportunity to practise your listening skills and pronunciation at the same time.

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8 thoughts on “Zapp! English Colloquial 2.4 – Friends & Family”

  1. thank you so much, you are the best and the materials are so useful. I have downloaded the Audio/Mp3 while I could not download the book because I am living in Iran and i could not find any credit cart here. I have problem with some vocabularies especially in Level 3 which I don’t understand them.

    • Thanks Mojtaba – we are happy you like them. I’m sorry that there is no payment system you can use in Iran yet. We hope to include additional systems in the future, so please sign up to our free email list as we will notify our members of things like this when they happen:

  2. Hello. I live in Iran. There’s no Visa card, Master card, PayPal and … here. How can I download e-books?

    • Hi Scott,

      Thanks for your email. We’re sorry but at this time we haven’t got any other means of accepting payment. Are you from Iran originally or are you living there temporarily? If you’re originally from outside Iran, is there someone you know outside the country that could pay and you could pay them back?

      Kind regards,


  3. Hi, thank you so much for your power full audio mp3, they are really useful. But some times I need the subtitles! One time I get one of them (Nuevo_Canal_Zapp_Ingles_Coloquial) but now i don’t know why I cant download the others! Is it a part of your ebooks or separate?
    thanks again 🙂

    • Hi Elahe, thanks for your comment! We give away most of the audio free, and sell most of the ebooks so that we can continue producing the audio. Without selling the ebooks there would be no audio. This is because we do not receive funding from anywhere, and we have lots of costs to pay. I hope this makes sense!


  4. Hi Tom, I’m going to thanks and respect your wonderful MP3s that I can download them freely . I know gathering and preparing these kind of listenings will take so many time and costs.
    Best regards
    lotfi from Iran

    • Thanks for your comment seifali – yes the podcasts and ebook materials do take a long time to produce so it’s great when people enjoy them. Good luck!

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