Zapp! English Listening – 3.1 Clothes y Fashion

In this unit you’ll be developing your listening for general understanding and for detail around the topic of clothes and fashion. You’ll hear a variety of speakers giving their opinions about the importance of fashion and how fashion affects what they wear, as well as hearing people describing their clothing and why they like it. The recordings will also help you review and expand your vocabulary around the topic of clothes.


Real conversations contained in this English listening

3.1 English Listening - Clothes and fashion

How do I look?

Here are some details on the different people, conversations and accents contained in this Real English Listening:

  • 7 different people describe their favourite clothes in short interviews. Recorded in several locations both in and outdoors with a variety of accents including northern British, southern British, Scottish and American.
  • 2 people discuss their clothes and fashion sense in a longer discussion – two American speakers talking in their home.
  • 3 people talk about their attitudes to fashion in a longer discussion – two British people and an American give their opinions over a cup of coffee in a local cafe.

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