Zapp! English Listening 2.13 – Around the Home

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Zapp! English Listening 2.13 – Around the Home

Zapp! English Listening 2.13 - Around the Home Download e-bookDream homes, and different houses/homes around the world are just two of the things you’ll hear people discussing in this listening podcast. It’s a great opportunity to get better at listening to natural English conversations as well as reminding yourself of common words related to houses and places we live. We have six different speakers and three different English accents for you; American, Canadian and British.

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10 thoughts on “Zapp! English Listening 2.13 – Around the Home”

  1. Hi ! I am a new comer from Indonesia. I live in a little village named Dawuhan Tegalgondo, Karangploso subdistrict, Malang city, East Java. I am very interested in learning real English conversations because I am still not good at understanding them. This is because native speakers of English often use some vocabularies that are unfamiliar for me such as slangs, idiomatic expressions that I cannot find in my dictionary. And i think ZappEnglish is one of best websites that can help me with my weaknesses. Let me tell you about the worst home that I ever lived in. When I was still a little child I lived with my parents. The home walls that we lived in made of bamboo tree, so I everyone could see it from outside through the small holes of the walls. The floor was not tiled, so I could play a marble in the livingroom. When it rained there were some leaks at the roofs, so it could make floor muddy and slippery. There was not electricity then, so we used a kind of lamp called “stongkring”. It was lit by using a fuel called “spiritus”. What made me uncomfortable was when it was at the middle of the night, disgusting creatures, mice and cockroaches, appeared looking for something to eat. Let alone mosquitoes that always disturbed us to sleep soundly.

    I hope you can help me with my English so that I can make my future brighter. Would you mind sending me free English materials that I can use to improve my English. Thank you very much for your attention and cooperation.

  2. The worst house I’ve ever lived, maybe is a flat that I used to share when I was student.
    Well, apparently it looks like an ordinary flat with one bathroom, a kitchen, three bedrooms, a leaving room and a small balcony.
    The first thing I think it’s the worst house I’ve ever lived is because the background was too noisy, my room was facing at the main road (so I heard all traffic noise, people going up and down)…and the other side of the flat was facing at a big comunal area with all the buildings around it, and people used to be too much noisy.
    But, the worst of all, wasn’t the physic distribution of the flat or the noisy neighbours.
    Lets say at nights, a strange things happened, for example my bed was shaking all nights for a few minutes or, the kitchen’s door locked and nobody of us closed it, things moved… One day, the cat gave a few turns in the air, as if someone or something pushed it in front of us. Before that day we didn’t talk about the things that happened in the falt, every ono of us suffered in silence, and then we realised that we had a misterious roommate and we didn’t know what or who was.

  3. Hi! I think that the worth house in the world it’s my flat which I have lived for 2 month. I rinted it for 50 $ per month. The owner of the flat a old women. She likes watch TV all night. But she have pritty girl with large eyes. I love her !

  4. Hi! I’m a senior high school student from Indonesia live in Malang, East Java. I think this website so helpful for me to learn english for me who wanna inprove my english. Thanks a lot

  5. hi. i am not able to download audio file ..its get failed every time i download .. from my phone .n from system ..nooooo.. help me how can i download files .

    • Hi Rajendra, it is probably a network problem on your mobile. I suggest you try using Wi-Fi as this is much faster and our audio classes are quite long and so the files are quite big. Good luck!

  6. hello there!.. i am suresh and I’m from still a student of 19years old..i have no facilities to pay in dollers because my country’s currncy is in a hurry to learn to speak there any way to download all these things without paying for them..if someone likes to help me on giving the download link or something it would be very thankful…sureshnilupulw@g***

    • Hi Suresh,

      Thank you for your comment. I’m very sorry but we have a lot of costs to pay for the website and we don’t make much money from it. We have also borrowed money to invest in recording and producing the materials, which took us almost 4 years to do. We are still paying back these debts, and also have to pay Amazon every time someone downloads the materials. We would love to be able to make everything free, but without charging for some of the materials, this website and the audio would not exist at all.

      As it is, we have made 70% of the audio lessons free, so EVERYONE can access those without paying – no matter where they are from. This is the compromise we found so everyone gets something for free!

      Good luck with you studies and we hope you find the audio useful!


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