Work Tasks & Responsibilities – Zapp! English Vocabulary for Work 2.3

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Work Tasks and Responsibilities – Zapp! English Vocabulary for Work 2.3

Download MP3 - Work Tasks and Responsibilities English Vocabulary for Work 2.3Most of the English words and phrases in this podcast are equally useful for when you meet people and introduce yourself, or when you’re trying to ‘sell’ your skills at a job interview. You’ll get the opportunity to hear five different voices (and accents) and improve your English listening skills as people tell us about what they do in their work every day.

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  1. hey this website is very useful 🙂 i have an english test next week and i speak better after i learn it here thank you

  2. my modest gratitude to every one who help by any means to make this website see the light and hopping the best for all of you .

  3. This is my first trial of learning English language, and I hope my teacher would answer my questions when he is asked about grammar. Thanks

  4. thank you very much i have no words to say thanks how to appreciate actually this website is very useful for everyone mean even they are students or teachers both are using this site …………once again thank you

    • Hi Rubai, the audio is free but we have to charge for the PDFs so that we can afford to pay the web server costs, and the costs for producing all the materials in the first place. Good luck!

  5. This website helps many people and them upgrade their levels. I don’t have many thing to tell you, but I just tell “thanks a lot”

  6. Hello Tom,

    It is very useful website.. Now I have some clients from Australia… And I work with them previously, now I convince to client for my work and they are give more work.

    So, Tom, can you please help me using some conversations in English to how to Receive work with sweet language with any clients?

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