Zapp! English Vocabulary & Pronunciation 2.20 – Illness / Sickness

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Zapp! English Vocabulary & Pronunciation 2.20 – Illness / Sickness

English Vocabulary Podcast - Illness / SicknessIt’s not nice to be ill, but it’s even worse if you can’t describe the problem. Learn the most common illnesses in English and how to explain what’s wrong with you in this vocabulary podcast. Your listening skills will be developed too as you listen to real English conversations about sickness, where people describe a time when they were unwell and what happened. We hope you don’t need to see a doctor, but if you do, this audio and eBook should help you communicate the problem.

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11 thoughts on “Zapp! English Vocabulary & Pronunciation 2.20 – Illness / Sickness”

    • Hi Dhannjay – We recommend you start listening to our audio lessons, then practise speaking with people. You will also need to study English grammar and practise your reading and writing!

      Good luck! Tom

  1. thanks for sending me audio english lessons to improve my english coz i am fron a french speaking country;
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  2. I am recently open a private school of english in my country where people actually prefer french than english. eventhought there are many private schools in my town, I am going to make something differ than the other schools. just like vedio and audio lessons.
    so would pls kindly help me some audio english conversation with text.
    your’s sincerly student

  3. I am wondering how can I subscribe and get your free audio podcast .

    I am interested in downloading the audio files ,but it is not possible right now.


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