Zapp! English Listening Lesson 2.17 – Professions & Kinds of People

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Zapp! English Listening 2.17 – Professions & Kinds of People

English Listening Podcast - Professions, Kinds of PeopleIn this English listening podcast, you’ll hear from five different people with both American and British accents taking about professions and kinds of people. People have jobs, but they also have roles in life. Maybe you’re an office worker but you’re also a performer. Would you like to be a captain? How many different kinds of captain can you think of? Find out what roles and jobs our speakers have, or want in life, and compare their ideas and experiences to yours.

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47 thoughts on “Zapp! English Listening Lesson 2.17 – Professions & Kinds of People”

  1. Hi Tom I am having problem in listening when I speak to someone on the phone what is your advice please

    • Hi Layth, I suggest you just practice lots! Listen to English at every opportunity – especially Real English audio (like ours) as this will prepare you more for real life situations like the telephone. Good luck!

  2. Hi . you’ ve told that this site lessons are free but I cant load them just as i don’t live in Europe . I think you are the advocates of spreading knowledge in every place no matter where it is.

    • Hi Yas,

      Unfortunately we have had to limit the downloads of our welcome pack because we have to pay for the monthly downloads on our server, and too many people were downloading it.

      There are 50 hours of free audio lessons on the website that took us 4 years to produce. That is plenty for you to start with!

      We don’t have the resources to pay for tens of thousands of downloads of the Welcome Pack each month at the moment. If more people bought the paid materials, we would not have to do this, but lots of people just expect everything online to be free, and we’re a very small group of teachers and we don’t have the money to pay to teach the whole world English for free.

      We have no advertising on the website, and all our costs are paid from the money that comes in from people buying the downloads. Sorry, but that’s the way it is at the moment.


  3. hi sir I have been with English people many times and taken some international test and I am doing my Bs(Cs) and also working in networking field .I really confuse to understand Americans as well as Australians y? if I listen English people I don’t get confuse ??may b vary soon I have to join an international company but I have listening problem

  4. Sir
    I have hesitation in my English speaking so how can i remove it? Please Guide me. While i have studied Grammar too much and know English tense well.. yet not speaking well why?
    M Waseem.

  5. hey Tom…I want to speak in English thoroughly…How can I start? I bear one roommate in my room…He is studying Civil Engg. I’m also studying Mechanical Engg. Please help

  6. Hey! Thank you guys for such wonderful podcasts! It really helps to my wife at leaning english! And i’m improving as well to advanced level!

  7. hiii Tom….bro i m working very hard to improve my communication skills but i lag in mother tongue influence is resisting my will to speak.i want to be a good speaker so would u like to suggest something to me?

    • Hi Amit, all you need to do is practise speaking with people – either online using Skype or some other software, or by meeting people face-to-face. The more your speak, the better you will become 🙂

      Good luck!

  8. Dear Tom,

  9. thank you very much. this is great job. ı wonder how can i download these materials and do you have text documents that I can follow while listening. thanks

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