Zapp! English Listening Audio 2.15 – Money

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Zapp! English Listening Audio 2.15 – Money

English Audio Conversations about MoneyMoney is a topic we think about and talk about every day. There’s even a saying in English “Money makes the world go round“. In this audio podcast, you’ll get better at understanding English conversations about spending & saving money, and how much money people have. You’ll hear ten different voices and a large variety of British, American and Canadian accents. These recordings will also help you review common vocabulary and English expressions about money.

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17 thoughts on “Zapp! English Listening Audio 2.15 – Money”

  1. This was great! I love all of these real life conversations! I’m trying to improve my listening skills and it has really improved since i started listening to these audios!

  2. Thanks,
    This is very useful side in English lerners and very great and easy way to starting in learnig english.
    Thanks again this chanal.

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