Zapp! English Academic Vocabulary Lesson Unit 2.1

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Unit 1 – Zapp! English Academic Vocabulary 2.1

Download Academic English Vocabulary Unit  2.1This audio class is from our new listening pack Zapp! English Academic Vocabulary. In this podcast series we’re going to use real English conversations to teach you all the most common and useful English vocabulary you’re going to need when taking a university course in English, studying a pre-sessional language course, or studying for a qualification like IELTS.

Not only will you be improving your English listening skills by listening to natural English conversations, but we’ll also be teaching you the 120 most useful words from the Academic Word List (AWL). Learning this specialist academic vocabulary in English will help you understand the course books you will need to read. This pack will also teach you some of the most useful English words for English reading and writing in general!

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5 thoughts on “Zapp! English Academic Vocabulary Lesson Unit 2.1”

  1. I really LOVE your products. They are PROFESSIONAL, very good quality, inspiring, fun, motivating and entertaning. As long as the quality would go hand in hand with price (especially those great discounts and promotional prices!) I am going to support your work. It is pity that most other websites try to sell similar products but 2-3 times more than your great price. I have NEVER seen such an enthusiastic approach when presenting material… without making serious material – in a stupid (too childish, ridiculous) way.

    I just love your materials and I am looking forward to next parts! It is very obvious to me that you are a BUNCH of great people who loves sharing your knowledge, experience and methods of learning English. It is PRICELESS.

    Thank you very much for your attitude and approach. Most people who are honest – (sooner or later) will buy your products without any doubts. They are extremally well done! I have seen (or buy) about 200 hours of various courses (mp3 format), but so far your editions and ideas are the most convincing to me!

    Good luck in creating next great materials! Your fan – Tom

    • Wow… thank you Tom! That’s one of the nicest comments we have ever had. I’ll send it to Katie now as I’m sure she will be very happy to read it too.

      We have invested 4 to 5 years of time (and lots of our own money) in developing, and improving our materials and websites, and it’s great to hear that people love them, and are learning from them. We’re also confident that over time people will discover the materials and (we hope!) recommend them to other people.

      I’m also very happy to hear you think the price is fair as this is something that we have always wanted to achieve. We now also think that we have found a good balance with the price, where students in different countries (with different income levels) can afford the products – and especially with the periodic promotions we offer.

      Good luck with your studies and your chess playing! 🙂


  2. Thanks Tom! It’s so great to read comments like yours – it makes all the hard work worth it. We have always wanted to produce materials that students love to use, and we have tried very hard to make them at a price that mean they are available for as many people as possible. We are so happy to hear that you enjoy them and you find them helpful. Your English is great by the way! Thanks again and we hope you keep enjoying the materials!! Katie 🙂

  3. Your podcasts are great!
    I’m very curious to see how you guys look!
    I listen to your podcasts almost everyday and everytime I try to guess how you look!

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