Zapp! English Academic Vocabulary Unit 2.2

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Unit 2 – Zapp! English Academic Vocabulary Unit 2.2

Download English Academic Vocabulary Unit 2.2 eBooksThis audio class is from our new listening pack Zapp! English Academic Vocabulary. In this podcast series we’re going to use real English conversations to teach you all the most common and useful English vocabulary you’re going to need when taking a university course in English, studying a pre-sessional language course, or studying for a qualification like IELTS.

This podcast series contains the 120 most useful words from the Academic Word List (AWL).

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5 thoughts on “Zapp! English Academic Vocabulary Unit 2.2”

  1. Hi there guys,
    I’ m from Luanda-Angola and going to finish my degree to be a teacher of English.
    But sometimes I feel shy to speak English in public because I don´t feel much confident at all, because I think that there is sth missing in me.
    I dont have enough money and time travel in English native speaker country.
    Therefore, I want you to help me.
    Could you provide me sth usefull?!
    Thank you very much!

    • Hi Ulisses – thanks for your comment. We have uploaded about 50 hours of free audio lessons on the website which you can use to practise your English listening and pronunciation, and learn new English vocabulary. Just download the audio lessons on any page on the website and you can listen to them on your computer or telephone as they are standard MP3 files. We hope you find them useful!


  2. I am very grateful for your help to learn English. Thank you
    Every day After listening these course there is improving in my English skills which includes listening,speaking.
    Love Sobirali.Uzbekistan

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