Zapp! English Colloquial 3.19 – Age & Life Stages

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Zapp! English Colloquial 3.19 – Age & Life Stages

Zapp! English Colloquial Audio Podcast 3.19 - Age and Life StagesNot many people like getting old, but it’s a topic we often talk and laugh about, which means there are lots of colloquial English expressions to describe it. In this unit, you’ll learn ten of them. You’ll find why chickens and hills are linked to age and you’ll practise following quite quick natural English speech as Katie describes the English colloquialisms and Cathy and Tom try to guess them.

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    i have listened your all free mp3/audio and all are excellent. I haven’t found such natural,real english conversations(br) anywhere.Many thanks to all you.
    Tefl qualified tutor.

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