Zapp! English Colloquial 3.26 – Cooking & Recipes

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Zapp! English Colloquial 3.26 – Cooking & Recipes

Zapp! English Colloquial 3.26 - Cooking & Recipes - ebook & audioEverybody’s got to eat and we have lots of colloquial English expressions to talk about food and eating. What is the most common colloquial way to say you’re hungry? And what’s another word for food? In this podcast you’ll hear Katie describing colloquial phrases related to food and Amanda will be trying to guess them. Beware – this unit might make you hungry, it did while we were recording it!

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  1. dear Tom I’ve listen most of the ZAP English Colloquial they are so interesting and usfull to improve English conversation but there are some words I can’t distinguish during litsening . so would you please lead me how to download related E books or transcripts.
    best regards lotfi from Iran

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