Zapp! English Listening 3.10 – Rules & obligations

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Zapp! English Listening 3.10 – Rules & obligations

In this listening unit we find out about people’s attitudes to rules. You’ll develop your ability to listen to monologues and conversations as well as reminding yourself of the language used to talk about obligation and permission. You’ll hear 5 different speakers in various natural situations.


Real English conversations contained in this listening

Zapp! English Listening 3.10 - Rules & obligations
No way!

Here are some details on the different people, conversations and accents contained in this Real English Listening:

  • 3 individual interviews where people tell us how strict they would be as parent. Recorded in a living room and the park, complete with natural background sounds. Includes, British and Canadian accents.
  • 1 longer conversation recorded outdoors with ambient sounds. Contains 2 British speakers and 1 Canadian, discussing their attitude to rules and the different rules we find in different cultures. This conversation features colloquial English, and all the natural elements of everyday conversation such as interruption and hesitation.
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