Zapp! English Listening 3.5 – Culture

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Zapp! English Listening – 3.5 Culture

In this unit you’re going to develop your listening skills whilst finding out what some of the biggest and most interesting differences between cultures are, from people who have lived and worked in foreign countries. You’ll practise listening for gist and well as picking out details about customs and behaviour around the world. The dialog also includes a section on Culture Shock.


Real English conversations contained in this listening

Zapp! English Listening 3.5 - Culture
They do what?

Here are some details on the different people, conversations and accents contained in this Real English Listening:

  • 3 individuals separately describe their experiences of culture shock. Can you guess the country? Recorded in various indoor locations and with 3 separate British accents.
  • 3 different people talk about 3 new sets of experiences. This time you’ll hear 2 British and 1 American accent.
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