Zapp! English Listening 3.7 – Entertainment

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Zapp! English Listening 3.7 – Entertainment

In this unit you are going to get better at listening to natural conversations about entertainment and how people spend their free time. You’ll hear a variety of speakers describe their hobbies and how they entertain themselves, as well as discussions on TV and the role it plays in people’s lives. The recordings will also help increase your vocabulary relating to sports, pastimes and leisure activities.


Real English conversations contained in this listening

Zapp! English Listening 3.7 - Entertainment
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Here are some details on the different people, conversations and accents contained in this Real English Listening:

  • 3 speakers individually explain how they spend their free time and what kinds of entertainment they prefer when they are in Spain and in their home countries. Pam is from Scotland, Kami is from the USA and Laura is from the UK.
  • 1 longer free discussion between the same 3 speakers develops the points in more details and discusses the good and bad things about TV as well as their viewing habits. Both of these recordings take place over cups of coffee in a local cafe, with all the background noises usual in this environment.
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